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It's worth more than 10 times this price! 

Note: the price is GST inclusive

Enjoy ongoing support and resources!

Great news! You will be able to tap into Grant Master Prue's experience and resources so you're not left wondering what to do next, where to go for data, or how to answer a question.

Here is a little about Prue, then scroll down for information about the incredible Grant Writing Academy Membership. You receive all of this in the 'Get Ready For Grants' package. 

I've written successful applications for grants totalling 60.2 million in the last six years. These have ranged from $10,000 projects to multi-million dollar infrastructure installations which transform communities.

I look forward to welcoming you as a new Member and helping you to realise your grant dreams.

Hi there, I'm Prue.

I've worked all my life in remote, rural and regional Australia. I've learned lots along the way with corporate and medium businesses, and more than a decade with local and state Government.  

Being entrepreneurial has driven me to do things differently, so over the years I started businesses to fill gaps and to experience being the 'pilot'. With tertiary study to mix things up, I've stockpiled industry experience: health; mining; government; print industry; tourism; the media; agriculture; and transport. (I'm sounding like a bower bird collecting treasure.)

Giving back must be in my DNA, so whether I was surrounded by water on Groote Eylandt or surrounded by dust in Kalgoorlie, I was a regular volunteer. I love to create smiles and to make things more enjoyable for the community I call home. 

Working with businesses and organisations makes my engine hum. Using my creativity and collaborative spirit I helped clients achieve their goals. With insider knowledge about Government grants I knew it was time to get serious and start my next business venture. 

I commenced Indigo Gold Pty Ltd and for eight years wrote grant applications for clients, and ran grant workshops for corporates. I worked relentlessly on improving my grant writing process and was very successful, so demand for my services started to exceed my capacity. 

There was demand to share my knowledge about how to write a successful grant application, so the Grant Writing Academy took flight with my founding Membership in 2020. It's a constant delight to nurture my 'community' on their grant writing journey. 



And the results speak for themselves...

"Success... 5 grants in 12 months...the Membership made all the difference."

"Since joining I have been successful with five grants ($137,480) in 12 months - it’s made all the difference! I now approach each grant uniquely.  As well as watching live, I can go into the Hub and pull the resources I need and reflect on how they relate to my grant.  Prue’s 'intel', plus hearing from others,  demonstrates there is more than the technical side of things." 
- Bronwyn Davies

"No grant experience to a $350K grant success in 6 weeks!"

"From no grant experience to a $370,000 grant success in 6 weeks! The Membership was fundamental - I wouldn't have secured the grant without it. It completely changed how I was approaching my grant application. Every single question was improved with Prue’s experience and guidance."
- Moira Buchanan, Magnetic Island Distilling

From "feeling stuck" to "being up-to-date and motivated."

"Before joining I was plodding along by myself which lead to writers block and feeling stuck. I now enjoy being up-to-date with fresh ideas and connecting with others keeps me motivated and drives momentum. The Hub is a go-to place for resources and reference materials to help me develop and support my answers."
- Sue Schluter (multi-grant success), Frenchville Sports Club

"Since joining I’ve helped clients receive over $3.5M in grant funding."

"Since joining the Membership I’ve helped clients receive over $3.5M in grant funding. The inclusive fee is good value: Grant Updates; Tutorials to keep my grant skills competitive; allows me connect with other grant writers. Everyone feels comfortable to ask grant questions and Prue gives clear explanations and examples backed by years of experience."
- Anna Dunn, Plentify Grants

"Everything is easy and a time's a one-stop-shop."

I really love the monthly tutorials - the continuous education is a great way to pick up on new things and Prue’s teaching style makes it easy for me to learn. Everything I need is all in one place and if I'm stuck, I can ask Prue directly. I have a one-stop-shop for all current and upcoming grants, and the links work!
- Maree Sturdy, newbie volunteer grant writer

Received more than 40-times their Membership investment in 4 months

“Thank you Prue, we got our GCBF grant for $18,000 to purchase 2 portable dressage arenas and a trailer to transport/store them. We spent a lot of time reading resources from your files when preparing our grant application." 
- Christine Tasker

"Improves the quality of my grants ... a win-win for me and the funder."

"The GWA Membership lets me focus and invest in improving the quality of my grant submissions. It helps me understand what grants are all about so I can develop applications which are a win-win for me and the funder. I get practical ways to improve my grant writing process."
- Jim Callan, Upcycle CQ

"Engaging forum... resources exceeded my expectations"

"Thank you for providing such a valuable and engaging forum. As a "newbie" I have gained extensive knowledge since joining the Membership. The information and resources has exceeded my is obvious you are passionate about empowering members to write grants with confidence.
- Fazila Essack

"Keeps me connected with the ever-changing grant process"

"The Membership keeps me connected with the ever-changing grant process. The information has become second nature when I’m preparing for a grant application …I constantly draw on the information and it’s allowed me to help community groups get organised for grants.
- Carol James

And there are many more!

Why did they become Members?

Because they realised that having a planned and supported grant process, regular training and the latest 'intel' about the grant industry, was going to transform their grant applications.

So instead of overwhelm, and confusion, they can soak up my passionate instruction and support in a like-minded community of grant writers EVERY single month as long as they continue to get value.

The point is, with my system you can transform the way you organise, prepare, write and submit your grants.

And now, I'd like to share my knowledge with you via 
the Grant Writing Academy Membership.

It's perfect if you...

  • ​Find grants difficult or are nervous about getting started and working out what to do next.
  • ​Feel out of your depth or have been procrastinating and need direction.
  • Need a Grant Master to guide and support you.
  • ​Need an efficient process so grant writing is more manageable.
  • ​Are confused and want to 'get your head' around the grant industry.
  • Don’t know how to coordinate a grant application so it’s submitted on time.
  • Are tired of tackling grants by yourself and want the support of people who understand.
  • Need to reduce the stress of juggling volunteer duties and your personal life.
  • ​​Are frustrated about missing opportunities to gain funds for your organisation.
  • Want to be a part of a grant community with encouragement and motivation so you don’t fall off the radar.
  • Need tips on how to manage internal issues so you get more support.
  • Feel comfortable using online platforms.

The Grant Writing Academy Membership can help!

As a grant writer you and I have a HUGE opportunity to create a lasting impact for your organisation and your community - and it's the reason that I am so passionate about this work. This is the reason why I created the Grant Writing Academy. 

So what is included?

The Grant Writing Academy Membership is an annual program which gives you the clarity and confidence to write high quality grant applications which get in the 'yes' pile. 

The Grant Writing Success Path

Inside the Membership, you’ll progress from being a Newbie through to a Soaring Confident Grant Writer with my 5-step success path. You’ll gain knowledge, momentum and confidence as you move through the different stages:

Inside the Grant Writing Academy membership you will transform:

NEWBIE: Keen to be industry savvy – You will understand how grants work, what grantors are looking for, all the jargon, and eligibility requirements. You'll know how to find grants and match opportunities to your needs. You’re keen to learn the basics to access funds or resources to help you achieve your goals…yes please!

NESTLING: Prepared and enthusiastic – In this stage you will prepare and sort all the common items you need to complete grant applications. This will get things organised an easy to find so future applications are completed in a calm, efficient and manageable way…yes please!

FLEDGLING: Grant ready – In this stage you will be grant ready for your project with everything organised to respond to grant opportunities when they occur. You will have developed well-supported projects...yes please!

TRAINING WINGS: Confident to submit – In this stage you will learn how to confidently complete and submit a grant application. You will feel calm and supported through the application process. Imagine the thrill when you submit…yes please!

SOARING: Competent grant writer – In this stage your skills will continue to develop and refine as you have many grant successes and apply for larger grants. You will develop your skills to create a larger range of high-quality supporting documents…yes please!

Here's Just A Tiny Bit Of What You Get In The Grant Writing Academy Membership


Stay ahead of the competition

Learn grant processes and techniques which will put you ahead of the competition. The best way to learn is Live so you can ask questions.
Tap into the expertise of a Grant Master and learn from guest presenters.

  • Enjoy one 60-minute tutorial each month via Zoom. You can watch Live or access all the recordings in the Grant Writing Academy Hub.
  • The tutorial will cover an important grant topic, and will be added to the 36+ tutorials already in the library. Guest presenters also join us for some of the sessions. You'll enjoy hearing their unique views and information.
  • ​Each tutorial is supported by a resource such as a checklist, template, workbook or guide, stored for your convenience in the Grant Writing Academy Hub. 


Keep grant-savvy and up-to-date

You'll be kept up-to-date with grants and the grant industry. Prue regularly reviews current and upcoming grants, and helps you decide if they align with your projects. This ensures you are efficient with your time and only work on applications which are best-fit.

  • Enjoy two 60-minute Grant Update + Q&A sessions each month. You can watch Live or access the recordings in the Grant Writing Academy Hub.
  • During the sessions we: cover the latest grant news and reports, run through the grants which have recently become available; feature grants which members ask about; and answer any general grant questions.
  • ​For your convenience, a list of the most recent grant announcements is emailed to you prior to each Grant Update + Q&A session. You can ask for a specific grant to be featured during a session. 


Access fabulous resources

You'll be able to browse hundreds of resources in the Grant Writing Academy Hub. It's available 24/7, via your unique log-on,  whenever it suits you.

  • All recordings of previous tutorials (more than 36) and Grant Update + Q&A sessions (more than 60), and their relevant resources are in the Grant Writing Academy Hub to access whenever you wish.
  • Access and browse all the previous monthly grant lists: the General Grant List and Small Grant Snippets. Plus, each new edition is loaded as soon as it's released.
  • ​You can access guides, checklists, templates and workbooks, along with other helpful resources. The library is constantly expanding as resources are added each month.
  • ​There's also additional workshops and tutorials for you to watch.


Stay up to date with grants

Grant opportunities are shared regularly, along with motivations and reminders. You'll get responses to any questions you post into the private GWA Membership Facebook Group.

  • New grant opportunities are posted into the Grant Writing Academy Membership Facebook Group when they become available. Grants include: national and state government; corporate and philanthropic.
  • You are kept up to date on all the things happening in the GWA membership via email reminders and Facebook posts.
  • ​You are never alone. If you have a question, you simply post it in the private Facebook Group and Prue (and your fellow members) will provide their input. You can also email Prue and she will answer it during a Grant Update + Q&A session. 
  • ​We will keep you motivated and accountable with prompts, and encourage you to share experiences, successes, and any 'turbulence'.

Extra bonus: if you join before the 30 June

Two people in your organisation can get everything for the price of one membership!

Add the names of the two people during the payment process.


It's worth more than 10 times this price! 

Including the 2-for-1 bonus!

Note: the price is GST inclusive

You do have options, but only one makes sense

There are other ways you can improve your grant writing. You can do a variety of courses - once-off instruction that doesn't come with Live support - which will probably not be at the level you need.  Or, you can continue with the school of hard-knocks and try to figure everything out on your own (and this can cost you lots of time and energy).

You can do these things, but I am pretty sure that none of them come with a money-back promise.

So let's's what you get with the Grant Writing Academy support for 12 months and the 2-for-1 bonus.

Grant alerts, reminders, support, and your questions answered

You get all new grant opportunities posted every couple of days into the exclusive GWA Membership Facebook Group. You will be kept up to date with email reminders and Facebook posts on all the things happening in the GWA Membership. You can post your questions into the GWA Membership Facebook Group and Prue will help you out. You are never alone.

$995 VALUE

One Live tutorial each month

Enjoy one 60-minute tutorial each month which you can either watch Live, or access the recording in the GWA Hub. Guest presenters (industry professionals) also join us for some of the sessions. With each tutorial you get a checklist, template, work book or guide, stored for your convenience in the GWA Hub.

$1500 VALUE

Two Grant Updates + Q&As each month

Enjoy two sessions each month (one is live via Zoom); watch Live or access the recordings in the GWA Hub.  You will hear about all the latest grants and news, plus we feature grants which you ask about, and answer any general grant questions you have.  A document which complements the session is uploaded with the recording into the GWA Hub.

$1200 VALUE

100s of resources in the Grant Writing Academy Hub

All previous Tutorials and Grant Update + Q&A recordings, and their relevant resources, are stored in the GWA Hub so you can access them 24/7.  You can also access all the previous monthly grant lists (the General Grant Lists and Small Grant Snippets) and small grant courses.

$3000 VALUE

Bonus #2 - Two People can join for the price of one! 

You only pay for one person, but get access for two people from your organisation. All you have to do it add the details of the second person during the payment process and we'll add them to your membership.  Both members will have their own dedicated login and password.

$550 VALUE

Total value is more than $7,545 plus 
the 2-for-1 bonus.
But you only pay


That's less than two cups of coffee a week!

Plus, if you wish to continue after 1 year, your price will never increase - it will be locked in for as long as you stay a continual member.


Including the 2-for-1 bonus!

Note: the price is GST inclusive

Payment methods accepted: 

  • You can pay with any credit card.
  • ​If an invoice is the best payment method for you - email with the details and we'll arrange this for you.
  • ​Get in touch with us if you have any questions: or 0409 069 425

You've Got Peace of Mind with Our "No Risk" 100% 21-day guarantee...

21-day, No Questions Asked, Money Back Promise

If within 21 days you decide that the Grant Writing Academy Membership is not for you, get in touch and we'll refund your payment. No questions asked.

Do You Have Questions?

What is the Grant Writing Academy (GWA) Membership?
The GWA Membership is Australia's only one-stop-shop for grant writing when you're wanting grant success to make your grant goals a reality. It's run by Grant Master Prue and is perfect for new and experienced grant writers to learn how to write quality grant applications at their own pace. For more than 15 years Prue has been making grant writing easier, and commenced the Grant Writing Academy in 2020 to pass on her knowledge. It offers grant notifications, a systematic and low-stress grant process, live assistance twice a month, plus support and motivation, and a constantly growing library of resources. 
Who can benefit from the GWA Membership?
The GWA Membership is suitable for a range of grant writers: Newbies; those who find grants daunting or need direction; people who want an efficient grant writing process, or need help coordinating grant applications; grant writers who seek a supportive community, and want to improve their grant writing skills. The testimonials earlier on this page are from a diverse range of people; from grant Newbies to experienced grant writers.
What resources are available for me to access?
In addition to any current specials, there are 100s of resources (and constantly growing). This includes recordings, checklists, guides, workbooks and templates created by Grant Master Prue, plus resources from external organisations to help with the grant writing process.
What is the Grant Master's experience in grant writing?
Grant Master Prue, who leads the GWA Membership, has over 20 years of experience in grant writing. In the last six years she has secured $57.1 million in grants for clients. This has ranged from $10,000 grants to multi-million-dollar successes for projects which have long-term impacts for their communities. This expertise is shared with you to improve your grant writing skills and achieve success.
How can the GWA Membership help me improve my grant applications?
The GWA Membership provides you with grant fundamentals through to specific tips to fine-tune your grant applications. It helps you embrace a more organised, up-to-date approach to grant writing. By learning from a Grant Master, you'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to create high-quality grant applications that impress funding assessment teams. There are many opportunities to interact live with Grant Master Prue, or ask her questions. The more questions you ask, the more successful you will be. The testimonials from GWA Members give you a taste of the impact the Membership creates.
What kind of support can I expect from the grant community?
You are never alone! The GWA Membership community offers encouragement, information and motivation from Grant Master Prue and like-minded grant writers who understand the challenges you face. You'll be able to ask questions, share experiences, and learn from others in the community. The best way to get support is to join a live session to interact with Prue and get to know other Members. If you can't join live there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions and have them answered. 
Can the GWA Membership help me write grant applications for specific industries?
The GWA Membership covers grant writing principles and techniques that can be applied across various industries. Grant Master Prue has experience in a range of industries including manufacturing, tourism, the Arts, sports and recreation, small business, education, social enterprise, community groups and not-for-profits, and agribusiness. During the Grant Updates + Q&As she also shares the latest reports, apps and tools across various sectors. The resources and support provided will enable you to tailor your grant applications to suit the specific requirements of your industry.
How does the GWA Membership help me stay up-to-date with grant writing best practices?
The GWA Membership's constantly growing library of resources ensures you have access to the latest grant writing techniques, tips, and strategies. Additionally, the supportive community and live events provide opportunities to learn from the experiences of Grant Master Prue and other grant writers. During the Grant Update + Q&A sessions, and the tutorials, Prue shares news, best-practice techniques, and industry information so you don't have to spend time searching yourself. She invites guests, involved in the grant industry, to share their insights and experiences.
How much time do I need to commit to the GWA Membership?
The GWA Membership is designed to be flexible, allowing you to absorb and improve at your own pace. You can invest as much or as little time as you need, depending on your schedule and learning preferences. Everything is stored in the GWA Hub, which you can access 24/7. Prue can guide you on the relevant resources to help you, depending on your experience, and the type of grant.
Are there any live events or workshops in the GWA Membership?
Yes, in additional to any current specials, the GWA Membership includes three sessions each month; two Grant Update + Q&As (you can attend one of these live), one live tutorial. Any workshops offered to the public with a price of under $100 are provided free to GWA Members.
How can I stay motivated throughout the grant writing process?
The GWA Membership provides a supportive community of like-minded grant writers who can offer encouragement and motivation. This is best experienced by joining live sessions as the interaction is most valuable when others can get to know you, and you can explain your questions in person. Additionally, Prue regularly prompts you with questions and reminders and encourages you to celebrate milestones, and stay focused on your grant writing goals.
Can I access GWA Membership resources on different devices?
Yes, the GWA Membership resources are available in a flexible learning environment, allowing you to access them on various devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. As well as being recorded, the live sessions are also streamed to the private Facebook group so you can listen and interact, even if you are on the move.
Is there a money-back guarantee for the GWA Membership?
Yes, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the program, you can request a refund within 21 days of joining, no questions asked. This ensures that you can try the GWA Membership risk-free and determine if it's the right fit for your grant writing needs.
What is the total value of the GWA Membership, and what is the current price?
The GWA Membership provides a comprehensive grant writing program for $550 (inclusive of GST) which is great value as the total retail value is $7,545. You get access to 100s of resources, live assistance each month (2 Grant Updates + Q&As and 1 Tutorial), grant notifications, and a supportive community.  Until 1 April 2024 this includes the Get Ready For Grants Easter Bilby Bonus and the two-for-one bonus.

The Grant Writing Academy Membership joining period closes 13 December, 10pm AEST

There is a specific reason the joining period for the Grant Writing Academy Membership is only available for a short period of time. 

It's important to spend time serving our audience vs. promoting to our audience, so the 
enrolment is only open for a specific time. We then shift gears to focus our energy on teaching, supporting, and helping you create high quality grant applications.

That's why it's important you note that the registration period ends at 10:00 pm AEST on Saturday, 31 December. You must register before this time. 

Another reason not to miss out is that the GWA Membership price will increase next year. If you join now, your price will be locked in for as long as you stay a continual member, while new Members will pay the higher 2023 price.

 Here's what to do if you want to organise an annual membership.
That's $490 (incl GST) for 12 months of membership. 

  • Email Prue your name and address to be used for the invoice -
  • Prue will send you an invoice
  • ​Once the invoice is paid you will be set up with access to the Grant Writing Academy Hub - this is the place where all the tutorials, grant updates, resources and templates are kept for you to access 24/7 
  • ​You can also join the private Facebook Group where all the grants opportunities are posted as they become available


Including the 2-for-1 bonus!

Note: the price is GST inclusive

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